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Can I be notified when a new Edition is released?

You betcha. Follow and Fan and you'll hear it first.

What is a Digital C-Print?

A Digital C-Print is a photograph produced using traditional development methods, however the source of light (negative) is digital. Most of our artists work in a digital workflow so producing prints this way allows the image to stay in its purest form. These prints are not giclee, or inkjets. They are photographs whos source image was digital.

Does the Artist supervise the creation of each Edition?

Absolutely. The Artist personally signs and numbers each image. Its one way to let you know that you are getting exactly the quality of Artwork that the Artist intended.

Why are all sales final?

Due to the uniqueness of the art and the low price point, unfortunatlly all sales are final. We take extra care when packaging your order and we use FedEx Ground to ensure the best shipping experience. Returns or exchanges available for damaged shipments only. Otherwise, no refunds, returns, exchanges or credits.

Why can't I purchase Art if I live outside the United States?

We are activly working on that. Please stand by.

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